Cisco ASA 5505 Series
Cisco ASA Serial Validation ASA 5505

  Cisco ASA 5505 Power-On Failure Serial Number Validation Tool
Please enter the serial number(s) of your Cisco ASA 5505(s) below to verify whether any unit is affected. To enter multiple units, separate each serial number by a comma or space, or you can simply copy and paste a list of serial numbers from Excel. Once you have completed entering the serial numbers, click "Submit." After processing, each serial number will be listed with a status of either Affected, Not Affected, or Invalid Serial Number. If your unit(s) are affected, please use the form in "Upgrade Program" section of the field notice to order your replacement unit(s).
The serial number of a Cisco ASA 5505 can be found on the bottom of the unit, or via the "show version" command. Valid unit serial numbers start with either "888" or "JMX" and are 11 characters long.

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